Deep Cuts

This section is a collection of songs that Sharon has wrtten and/or sung over the years that do not appear on her albums. For instance, So Young, a Corrs favorite, was writen by Sharon and she sings it in almost every concert, but it doesn't appear on any solo album. We will include a video of a live version here.

San Patricio, Bras Rodrigo and
Sharon Corr instrumental, 2024

 Go With the Flow, The High Kings w/Sharon Corr, released June 2023.

Tea in the Sahara, recorded in her apartment in Madrid during the COVID lockdown collaborating with Andrea Granitzio, 2020.

Dreams and So Young, Sala Clamores, Madrid, June 2023 (from audience).

Dreams, song and interview, from 2012

in Brasil.

 Radio, from Veja Musica, 2012.

Ears Painted On at the Hotpress Music Show in Dublin, 2009.

Amarrado A Ti with Alex Ubago, 2009.