Dream of You

Released on September 10, 2010, Dream of You is Sharon's first solo album and still the favorite of many of her fans. The album highlights Sharon's many talents with instrumental takes on traditional Irish tunes (lots of violin!), covers of classics, and her own beautiful songwriting, some with a country flair. The title track is a beautiful take on all the emotions of a first-time mother that Sharon wrote to her unborn son.

1. Our Wedding Day

2. Over It

3. It's Not a Dream

4. Mna Na h'Eireann

5. Buenos Aires

6. So Long Ago

7. Smalltown Boy

8. Cooley's Reel

9. Butterflies

10. Dream of You

11. Real World

12. Love Me Better

13. Jenny's Chickens

14. Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime

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